8 to 15 – The World is Smaller than you Think (Podcast/Youtube) – 10:10

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This is a special “Evangelism Principles” episode of the podcast.

Several of the pastors in the Big Sky Area of Montana collaborated on a “Beyond the Walls” Evangelism Training event in Billings. Pastor Ross Lieuallen spoke on “8 to 15: The World is Smaller than you Think.”

The Great Commission can seem daunting. If we think our mission is to reach everybody, chances are we’ll reach nobody. Pastor Ross helps you narrow down the target of your mission field, helping you to see that more than likely, you already know and have relationship with the people God wants you to reach out to with the gospel. This session helps you identify them, and then gives some practical suggestions on what to do for them and with them once you know who they are.

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