A “Love Letter” from an LDS Man


I very seldom do this, but today I thought I’d share a “love letter” I received from an LDS man on a facebook group. This man then blocked me so that I could not respond to him or participate in the group any longer.

By the way, this was in response to my asking whether or not two members of the group, not even this gentleman, would be willing to share with me how they would interpret certain verses in the Book of Mormon that I have questions about. Ironically, the conversation was taking place under a post asking for examples of arguments that people make that come back to bite them.

LDS often do this. They attack your character, and as you will see, this man knows absolutely nothing about me. They also scream persecution, some of them at least, at the slightest question or thought that challenges their beliefs. They like to label us as Anti-Mormon and claim that we are wrong for attacking their faith.

Perhaps this man can explain why I counsel Christians after their spouse and children convert to Mormonism.

Perhaps he can explain why LDS missionaries knock on the door of Christians and instead of saying, “God bless you,” they proceed to try and convert them to Mormonism.

Perhaps he can explain why the Book of Mormon refers to Christians as part of the “church of the devil” (1 Nephi 13:6; 14:3,9-10,17; D&C 10:56; 18:20)

Perhaps he can explain why God the Father and Jesus called the creeds of all christian churches an “abomination in my sight” in his “First Vision.” (Joseph Smith – History 1:19)

This is the message he sent to me

“Here is the message I posted on the thread that you were on at the Online Missionaries:

‘Jason Oakes is one of those sad folks who because a Bishop frightened them as a child, or they didn’t get the leadership calling they were owed has gone apostate.

And then, to compound it, he’s one of those even sadder folks who isn’t content to simply be sad, he must try to come and make everyone else sad, too.

I’ve set him free from here. He’s free instead to go to some Islamic Mosque and tell them why they are wrong. But he won’t. Because he doesn’t care about Islam. He only cares about the faith that in his heart of hears he knows to be true…but that his stubborn pride will not let him embrace.’

You’re going to get to meet me this week, Mr. Oakes. Yes, I’m going to the Hope International University to let them know how stupid they are.

Just kidding. Only lifeless losers do that.”