Backstory and Mission

Youtube – “Why am I so Passionate about Reaching LDS?”

My name is Jason Oakes. About 16 years ago, the Lord used me to help my best friend come out of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and into a relationship with the true Jesus. After my friend left the church, the Lord gave me an ever increasing heart for those in the LDS church. As I followed his calling on my life through seminary and roles as Youth Pastor, College Pastor, Associate Pastor and Senior Pastor, this passion only grew stronger. I continued meeting with Mormon missionaries and reaching out to LDS friends and neighbors as the Lord gave me opportunity.


Three years ago, I felt God leading my family toward a more direct ministry to LDS people. As we have followed His day-by-day leading, He lead me to step down from my position as Senior Pastor in 2012, start a ministry called “People of the Free Gift” and relocate my family to Utah. Since we launched this ministry, God has allowed us to connect with Pastors and Missionaries throughout the state of Utah, California and Arizona.


After living in Utah for a year-and-a-half, it became obvious that in order for a missionary to be successful in Utah, they have to have a financial plan that is independent from funds received from their church plant and donations to their ministry. This lead my family back to California in order for me to obtain a Business Administration degree with an Accounting Certification. While we were there, we continued to teach seminars, write and record curriculum and post on both this website, our YoutubeFacebookTwitterGoogle +, and Pinterest pages.  It was our sincere prayer that the Lord will allow me to utilize my Accounting degree to plant ourselves in a highly LDS populated area, or an area highly populated with those caught up in “religion,” allowing freedom for us to practice relational evangelism with our LDS neighbors without financial concern.

In the Spring of 2015, I was contacted by the Associate Executive Minister of American Baptist Churches of the Northwest asking if I was still interested in Pastoral Ministry. We expressed to her our desire to help those churches in need of a bi-vocational minister. She then gave my name and resume to three churches in Montana, that at the time, expressed that they were looking for a bi-vocational Pastor. As our conversations with Emmanuel Baptist Church in Roundup, Montana continued, their situation and desires changed to need a full-time Senior Pastor. I was asked to candidate in July and subsequently accepted the call and arrived with my family in Roundup, Montana on September 5th.

There were several factors leading us to Roundup, but one of the major factors that got my attention and serious interest is that an LDS temple has been recently built in Billings, Montana, just 45 minutes south of Roundup. This has lead to a new missionary push in the surrounding areas by the LDS, including Roundup. Besides the strong LDS presence, the town has a predominantly Catholic makeup along with the presence of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Seventh Day Adventist churches.

Along with my Pastoral duties, I plan to continue to offer the seminars online as well as live, write and record curriculum and post on both this website, our YoutubeFacebookTwitterGoogle +, and Pinterest pages. I will also be teaching the “Sharing Jesus with the Cults” class online for Bethel Seminary and I have begun conversations related to possible tutoring Philosophy and/or Religious Studies classes for San Bernardino Community College.

The Passion of People of the Free Gift is these four things:


  • Teach Seminars – For more information about our seminars or invite us to speak to your group, click here.


  • Lead Mission Teams – We desire to work with churches and provide mission trip opportunities to Utah, Southern Idaho and Northern Arizona where the LDS church is most prevalent, as well as other areas that are highly populated by those caught in “religion.”


  • Assist Churches/Pastors – We desire to come alongside Pastors and churches in areas highly populated by religious people, especially those churches that are in areas where it is hard to raise funds and Pastors are required to be bi-vocational.

For more information on how you can partner with our ministry, click here. 


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