Statement of Faith

Salvation is by grace alone … – We are saved exclusively and solely by the grace, or unmerited favor, of God. We contribute nothing to our salvation. Apart from Christ we can do nothing. Salvation is a gift of God.

… through faith alone … – Faith, otherwise articulated as belief or trust, is in itself a gift of God.  The gift of salvation that God desires to give must be received. Faith is the means by which we receive God’s gift of salvation.

… in Christ alone … – Faith is not a means in and of itself. We must place our faith, belief, trust in Jesus. This means that all of our trust for our salvation must be placed on the death of Jesus upon the cross as a payment for our sins, and his physical, bodily resurrection from the dead after three days in the grave.

… taught in the Bible alone … – The Bible is the sole authority for life and practice. Our faith in Jesus for our salvation must be based on what the Bible teaches about Jesus, salvation, and the gospel.

… to the glory of God alone. – The goal of our salvation is not to glorify ourselves, but to glorify God. Salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone taught in the Bible alone … so that nobody will boast.