Are Christians Becoming More LDS?/Dr. Heiser, Naked Bible Podcast and Ancient Near East Texts (podcast/Youtube) – 1:10:42

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Many Christians have been asking in the recent past if the LDS, or a certain segment of BYU professors and those who label themselves Neo-Orthodox LDS, are becoming more Christian.
I was interviewed on Michael Boehm’s Youth Apologetics Training podcast last week and turned this question around, asking, “Are Christians Becoming More LDS?” Michael and I discuss some disturbing trends within mainline Christian denominations, movements, churches, authors and pastors that look much more like LDS distinctives and are falling further away from core Christian doctrines and practices. Here are two main trends we discussed:

The trend of receiving personal revelation from God
The trend of looking to outside Scriptures and sources in order to interpret the Bible

On this second point we focused in on the trend in Christian scholarship to look to Ancient Near Eastern texts to help us interpret the Bible. What are ancient near eastern texts? When did we discover these texts? Why is this important? Why is this potentially dangerous?

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