Bill Johnson: Cult, False Doctrine, or Christian?

Thank you to Michael Boehm from Youth Apologetics Training for allowing me to edit his podcast series. 

This podcast is part of my Q&A sessions for the “Understanding the Cults” class for Bethel Seminary San Diego’s In-Ministry, J-term program. 

I intentionally included both the Word of Faith and New Apostolic Reformation movements in the class material because I wanted the students to think through what beliefs are required to consider an individual or organization a Christian, and at the same time what beliefs or practices would be required for them to consider a group a cult. If we don’t like the cults identifying themselves as Christian, what do we do with the mainline Christian denominations who share some of their false worldviews, especially when it comes to preaching “another” gospel? 
Two of the students in the class wanted to hear more about Bill Johnson in particular, so I put together this podcast as a response to their questions. 
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