Archived Messages

We are in the process of releasing each of our past messages that are currently available on Youtube via podcast. As we do, we’ll create a direct link to that message on the website. Below are the series that have sermons currently available via Youtube and podcast. To access our Youtube and podcast channels directly for a comprehensive list of available messages, please click on the link below.

Hebrews: Better

The Gospels: Full of Grace and Truth


Our Relationship to the Law

Biblical Evangelism Principles

Youth Apologetics Training Appearances


Star Wars and Philosophy

Reaching Out to Your Mormon Neighbor Archives

Communicating Grace to the Religious Mind

Why Should I Trust the Bible?

Topical Messages

“Freely you have received, freely give.” – Jesus (Matthew 10:8)

It is our desire at People of the Free Gift to live out the reality that Jesus spoke of above, which is an expression of grace. That is why we provide all of our videos, documents, Power Point presentations and writings for free. You can access these resources both here on our website, as well as our YoutubeFacebookTwitterGoogle +, and Pinterest pages. When invited to speak, we do not charge a fee, but instead allow whatever individuals or the church chooses to donate be completely between them and the Lord. For those who desire a hard copy of our mp3 cd-roms for themselves or to give as a gift to others, drop us a note with your donation listing the particular messages you would like to request.  You can mail those to: Jason Oakes, 11 Sunrise Dr., Roundup, Montana 59072.

Youtube Playlists – All of the videos on our DVD-Roms can be accessed for free at our Youtube site. When you watch a video, simply click on the ad and Youtube will kick back a little money each time to our ministry.

Podbean Podcasts – All of the audio from our CD-Roms can be accessed for free at your Podbean podcast site.

Google Drive – All of the sermon outlines, study guides and PowerPoints available completely free

How can I donate?

By mail – Those that would like to send your donation via mail can send your check to 11 Sunrise Dr., Roundup, Montana, 59072. Make your checks out to Jason Oakes. If you would like to request any of our archived messages on mp3 cd-rom when you donate, drop us a note listing the particular messages you would like to request.

People of the Free Gift is not a 501c3 non-profit organization, so we cannot offer you a tax write off, but your donation will assist us in our long-term goal of becoming financially independent and obtaining our 501c3 non-profit status. All donations given to our ministry will go directly and completely towards supporting the purpose of our ministry.

If you have questions about our ministry, feel free to contact us.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!