Can You Lose Your Salvation? – 7/10/15


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This was an interesting dialogue. In fact, it’s a continuation of a dialogue I posted previously. It’s always interesting to me that when I post something to reach out to LDS, it often ends up in conversation with members of other groups over the same issues surrounding grace. In this case, the conversation was with a very nice Catholic man that I’m still in conversation with and learning a ton about Catholics and reaching out to Catholics from. This particular conversation was surrounded around the topic of whether you can lose your salvation, which ultimately goes back to a foundational issue of whether Jesus’ death, resurrection and gift is sufficient to save to the uttermost, or whether it’s up to us either on the front or back end to “do our part.”


Original Post:

I’m a Christian Too! podcast, part 6 – 15:25

Is there a second chance after death to receive the gospel? What did Jesus teach on the subject?

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