First Church of Scientology (also known as Scientology or Dianetics)

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Once upon a time, 75 million years ago, there was an alien galactic ruler named Xenu. Xenu was in charge of all the planets in this part of the galaxy, including our own planet earth, except in those days, it was called Pejac (spelling). Now Xenu had a problem. All of the 76 planets he controlled were overpopulated. Each planet had an average 178 billion people. He wanted to get rid of all the overpopulation. So he had a plan. Xenu took over complete control with the help of renegades to defeat the good people, and the loyal officers. Then, with the help of psychiatrists, he called in billions of people for income tax inspections, where they were instead given injections of alcohol and glycol mixed to paralzye them, then they were put into space planes that looked exactly like DC-8’s, except they had rocket motors instead of propellors. These DC-8’s, space planes, flew to earth, where the paralyzed people were stacked around the bases of volcanoes, in their hundreds of billions. When they finished stacking them around, then H-bombs were lowered into the volcanoes. Xenu then detonated all the H-bombs at the same time, and everyone was killed.

The story doesn’t end there. Since everyone has a soul, called a Thetan in this story, then they had to trick the souls into not coming back again. While the hundreds of billions of souls were being blown around by the nuclear winds, he had special electronic traps that caught all the souls in the electronic beams. These electronic beams were like sticky fly paper. After he had captured all these souls, he had them packed into boxes and taken to a few huge cinemas. There all the souls had to spend days watching special 3D motion pictures that told them what life should be like, and many confusing things. In this picture they were shown false pictures, and told they were God, the devil and Christ. In this story, this process is called implanting. When the films ended, and the souls left the cinema, these souls started to stick together. Since they had all seen the same film, they thought they were all the same people. They clustered in groups of a few thousand. Now because there were only a few living bodies left, they stayed as clusters and inhabited these bodies. As for Xenu, the loyal officers finally overthrew him, and they locked him away in a mountain on one of the planets. He’s kept in by a force field, powered by an eternal battery, and Xenu is still alive today.

Scientology was founded by a man named L. Ron Hubbard. He’s a science fiction writer. He’s written profusely on the subject of science fiction. In fact he was a science fiction pulp fiction writer for many years of his life.

This is kind of the foundational story.

This kind of sounds like what you find in hyper-charismatic Christian circles where demons are constantly attaching themselves to people.

This group Scientology definitely does match signs of a cult. They do have one single human leader who calls the shots, the dogma, the theology, their belief system, their rules. This cult is very abusive to its members. There is mind control over its members. If the members, people who join this cult and get heavily influenced. If you’re just kind of a surface dabbler, checking it out, you don’t see this kind of stuff, but if you get involved heavily with this movement, you will be isolated from the rest of the world, from your friends, from your family. Those ties are severed. If you question this movement, if you question dogma, the beliefs of Scientology, those questions will be discouraged, suppressed, and you might even be labeled a suppressive person. Some people will be removed from this cult. Those who are removed are demonized, and those who leave the cult are demonized. If you’re a member of this cult, and somebody leaves the cult, you are not to associate with this defector, this heretic, this suppressive person.

It is a strange movement. You might know of Scientology because of some of its celebrity members. Scientology is known for roping in celebrities. People like Kirstie Alley, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and so many more. They are known for attracting celebrities, and then using them to bring in other people. Also Scientology is known for its aggressive litigation. When you look at their history, they are known for, if you speak ill of their movement, if you try to expose them, at least in the past, they’ve been known to sue people, and they will sue them silly. They will sue them out of house and home. They will do everything and anything to take down their opposition.

Another tactic of Scientology is to go after people’s websites. Scientology, oddly enough, they are the only group that has successfully gone after the IRS and really caused the IRS a lot of grief. One of their tactics is to steamroll. Scientology will do this against people that oppose them. They will bring all kinds of false accusations against them, and they will steamroll them with so many false accusations, litigation, so much, that the person who is opposing Scientology will throw up their hands and just give up. They can’t handle it all, and they give up. They get tired and they decide not to attack the group.

South Park is actually one of the first groups, that show, who brought opposition of Scientology, was critical of their claims and their beliefs, and at the end of the show, they said, “Sue me,” challenging Scientology. Scientology didn’t do anything, and that was when the cork was popped out of the bottle, and articles started coming out right and left that were critical of Scientology’s worldview, and all of the craziness and scandals and things that have been going on.

It is also the most scandalous group out there.

Scientology boasts of about 8 million people in members worldwide, at least as of 2005. There are many people who argue that this is not a factual figure, and that is including people who simply took the introductory course to Scientology, or people who came in off the street to do one of their character tests. They will get out on the streets, their form of evangelism, they will try and rope you in to one of their clinics, and sit down and be asked many questions.

The movement was started by L. Ron Hubbard, born March 13, 1911, and he was a very popular pulp fiction science fiction writer in the 30’s and 40’s. But things seemed to take a turn during a science fiction convention in New Jersey, somewhere around 1949, L. Ron Hubbard said this, in front of an audience, he announced, “Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wanted to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion.” One year later, L. Ron Hubbard released Dianetics, which is basically seen as the Bible for Scientology. It’s their book, their Scriptures. Dianetics: a modern science, a modern health. Just a few years after that, the First Church of Scientology was opened in California. That was February 18, 1954.

Going back to Dianetics, it was originally intended to be a new psychotherapy, and it was not expected to become the foundation for a new religion. Hubbard defined this Dianetics as a spiritual healing technology, and organized science of thought. He did submit papers outlining these principles in this book Dianetics to the Journal of American Medical Association and the American Journal of Psychiatry in 1949. All of it was rejected. Every time his methods of helping people out have been reviewed by various psychiatry associations, medical communities and the like, they have all been completely outright rejected and denounced as anything scientific. When you get to know the writings of L. Ron Hubbard, and those who actually knew him, you find that most of everything he said of himself is pure fantasy. L. Ron Hubbard was a pathological liar. So much has been written about this man from people who lived around him, who knew him personally, who walked with him day to day, and have written about him and said, “You know. For a long time I thought this guy was for real. The more time I spent with him, the more I realized, he was perhaps a little bit brilliant, very articulate, but completely mad and a pathological liar.” L. Ron Hubbard at times has claimed, or called himself, a nuclear physicist. He’s not a nuclear physicist. In fact, he failed his only class on molecular and atomic physics. L. Ron Hubbard also, while married to his wife Margaret Grub Hubbard, pretended to be a bachelor to a Sarah Northrup, and ended up marrying her. She claimed sleep deprivations, beatings, strangulations, kidnapping of her child and fleeing to Cuba, and Ron couseling her to commit suicide.

Let’s actually get into some of the beliefs. The mind. As far as the mind goes, it is divided into three divisions. According to Scientology, there is the analytical mind. This mind is the part of the mind that works like a perfect computer. It never makes mistakes. It is the “I” of the person. It is the part of the mind where rational decisions are made, the rational mechanism, that is responsible for consciousness. It is the good part of the mind. It is the part of the mind that does everything. It’s the part of teh mind that we want to all devlelop.

Moving on, there is the second part, which is the reactive mind. It works on a stimulus/response basis. Some liken the reactive mind to the subconscious. The reactive mind is thought to absorb all pain and emotional trauma, and then the reactive mind holds these mental pictures, images of this trauma or past experiences. Scientology calls these mental pictures engrams. That is a term that is going to be used a lot as we go on. These engrams are the single source of aberrations and psychosomatic ills.

The third part, the somatic mind, is directed by the reactive and analytical minds. The somatic mind controls the body on a physical level. The somatic mind keep the body regulated and functioning. In other words, it keeps you body ticking.

How does this hold together. Why is this important, or even worthy mentioning. This forms the foundation of why Scientology does what it does. There is this battle that seems to take place in your mind. It occurs when the reactive mind interferes with the analytical mind. You want the analytical mind to be at the wheel. The reactive mind can cause a “moment of unconsciousness.” A person can be fully awake during this, but when it does, the mind will take a mental snapshot of everything that is happening and store it. These are, once again, called engrams. These will cause you to react in certain ways to certain stimuli.

Hubbard says it this way. Suppose, as an example of an engram, and it’s effects on the spirit. Mr. A has a tonsilectomy. During the operation, the surgeon, who wears glasses, comments to a nurse, “You don’t know what you’re doing.” Mr. A recovers, and few months later, has an argument with his employer, who happens to also wear glasses, who says, “You don’t know what you’re doing.” Mr. A suddenly feels dizzy, stupid, and gets a pain in his throat. There is installed a disk, a conditioned semantic response, which effects the Thetan.

So here we see Hubbard saying that we have these traumatic events, your reactive mind takes a snapshot of this event and certain things that happen during this event, and then later on in life, something very similar happens, almost like a deja vu moment, but things are a little bit different. Your reactive mind takes control, or interferes with the analytical mind. What would have been a more calculated, controlled, rational response from you can be muddied from these engrams, these snapshots, that somehow got stuck inside the hard drive of your brain. It’s messing up how you would normally react to certain stimuli.

The solution is to somehow get rid of these engrams, these reactive mind snapshots, of other events that are influencing your analytical thinking, your ability to make good analytical decisions.

Let’s talk about the state of man. Mankind is an immortal being called a Thetan. These Thetans are not originally from earth. Man is trapped by matter, energy, space and time. Scientology calls this M.E.S.T. We’re trapped by these things. Scientology gets a lot of their theology from Buddhism and Hinduism. They believe in reincarnation. Salvation for Scienologists comes through a process called auditing, where through auditor questions, the auditor will guide them to consciously re-experience painful or traumatic events in their past, in order to free themselves of these limiting effects of these events. This is how they get cleared of these engrams.

Then you tie into this whole auditing process the concept of reincarnation. These engrams don’t necessarily have to be from this life. They can be engrams, or memories, from previous lives. The goal is, from these auditing sessions, to clear a person from all of these engrams. Each one of these sessions to go in and speak to an auditor is a fee for service basis. They call it a donation. It’s a lot more than a donation. With each audit, there are higher and higher costs associated. When you first start out, its pretty cheap, but with each successive time you go in to get another level of clear, it costs you more and more and more. That is why this faith has become a cash cow. It can costs people hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a state of clear from Scientology. It make sense now why this is a celebrity religion, because you have to have some money to pull this off. Just like typical cults, they will talk people into selling their house, giving their inheritance, to reach this state of clear.

If you reach a state of clear, you will gain superpowers, because you will have escaped matter, energy, space and time (M.E.S.T.). Hubbard claims that you will develop superpowers, X-men powers, over the world around you, because you will have escaped it.

I want to talk about this electro-psychometer, this E-meter, that they use during this auditing sessions. In the early days, it resembled a lie detector test. You had this box that measured electrical activity. You would have to hold these little cans. They would have a wire going back, and resistance is measured between the cans. A small current is passed through them and resistance is measured through these cans. The auditor will ask you questions, and as he’s asking questions, he’s looking for the needle to move on his E-meter. When this happens, he has touched on an engram. Then he’ll start probing and asking questions around this event. It almost has a feeling of a scientific nature to it, like there is something there to it.

At one point the FDA raided some offices and confiscated their e-meters because Scientology was claiming they were medical devices. Now they have to refer to them something along the lines of a religious device. Scientology claims that they are purely religious artifacts now.

The auditor will continue to ask questions until there are no more readings on his e-meter, at which point it is assumed that you have been freed of that engram because you are no longer showing any electrical resistance through these tin cans that you are holding.

They call this process the “bridge to total freedom.” It is the quest to becoming clear. Once you become clear, all sorts of amazing things happen.

Many of L. Ron Hubbard’s space opera stories were borrowed from his own science fiction books, with the names changed or the scenarios changed. Many things also came from L. Ron Hubbard’s own life.

What is a Thetan? As far as Christianity is concerned, the closest thing would be the soul, the true identity of a person. This Thetan is intrinsically good. It’s omniscient. Every person has a person has a Thetan that is omniscient inside of them. This Thetan is basically divine, but has forgotten its divinity. This Thetans were the ones who actually brought the material universe into being, mainly for their own pleasure. The universe had no real independent reality. It got its form, its reality, from the Thetans, this collective of Thetans. Almost like in Hinduism, where each person has a spark of divine in them, and they seek to, through yoga and meditation and mantras, and offering sacrifices to various Hindu gods, and many other things, they are trying to get back to that knowledge of divinity. You see that in the New Age too.

Can you imagine that? A god that somehow forgot that it was once a god.

The goal is to become an operating Thetan, at which point you transcend M.E.S.T. and gain special powers when you go clear. Supposedly, many, many, many people have gone clear. Yet, the world has not seen anybody come out of Scientology with special X-men powers to transcend M.E.S.T. Of all the people who have spent tens of thousands of dollars, why aren’t there more people who are saying they have reached this status and are able to show us their powers? I can levitate. I can move things with my mind. I can travel through space at the speed of light. I can astro travel at will. I can read your mind. We should see a little Avengers team coming out of Scientology, but we don’t, because its not real.

These Thetans agreed that their creation was good. But, at some point, these Thetans got so into their creation, that somewhere along the line over a long period of time, they forgot that they were divine, and started putting more and more stock that they were a part of this creation. Now Scientology comes along as a Savior to help everybody re-establish that link with their divinity, and become clear, operating Thetans.

What do Scientologists believe about the cross? Scientology has its own version of the cross. Just imagine a traditional cross, but imagine an x over the point where the vertical and horizontal bars meet. But its more of a star in the shape of an x. Scientology says that the horizontal bar of the cross represents the material universe, and the vertical bar is the spirit. So the spirit is to be seen rising triumphantly, ultimately transcending the turmoil of the physical universe, to achieve salvation.

Scientology also has a logo that you might have seen. It looks very science fiction-esque. It is the letter S, then there are these two triangles which are diagonally leaning to the S. The top triangle is referred to as the KRC triangle. K for knowledge, R for responsibility, C for control. Then there is this lower triangle, called the arc triange. A for affinity, R for reality and C for communication.

Another thing worth mentioning about Scientology is their abusive tactics. There have been a lot of exposes on Scientology. Scientology is known for its brain washing tactics. For example, there have been many examples of people on their sea org ships who have been labeled a suppressive person. The types of punishments that they will put these guys under. Or, you do something against the rules of the sea org, and they will put you in solitary confinement, they will try and starve you. Really strange and absusive tactics.

Scientology denies the existence of hell. They categorically deny the existence of God and the Bible. L. Ron Hubbard was very much opposed to Christianity. If anything, he gravitated toward the occult. He was good friends with Jack Parsons. Ended up stealing Jack Parsons’ girlfriend. He had some interesting connections with Alistair Crowley as well.

As far as Jesus goes, he was simply a good teacher. There were elements of implants. When the Thetans were implanted with fake memories, and the concept of Christianity was part of the brain washing. Jesus is part of a by-product of a brain washing operation done by Xenu.

Scientology believes in multiple gods, and some gods are over other gods. L. Ron Hubbard mentions in several of this writings that there are other gods. But he never gets in depth on who thsese gods are. He just mentions them in passing. He never spends a lot of time on who’s in charge, if anybody. L. Ron Hubbard was polytheistic in his beliefs.

As far as sin goes, Scientology believes that mankind is inherently good. They are born good, and they are pretty much good their whole lives. They just make bad decisions from time to time.

L. Ron Hubbard absolutely despised Christians and the Scriptures telling him that he is a sinner that needs to repent.