“Have You Prayed about the Book of Mormon?” podcast, part 2 – 18:52

What do you do when your LDS friend asks, “Have You Prayed about the Book of Mormon?” Another awkward moment because we want to show an open-mindedness, but we also know that praying about the Book of Mormon is not going to yield anything positive and might yield something negative. Let me show you how you can turn this awkward moment into a great witnessing opportunity.

In this episode, we take a look at passages in the Book of Mormon that teach the Trinity, God having to “take on” a human body, whether the church needed to be restored, and what we must do to be saved. 

Note: I’m going to be releasing the next few episodes much quicker than normal. The reason being that I have a few big projects that I need to focus my attention on, which I discuss at the beginning of this podcast. 
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