If You Don’t Hear From Me …


This morning I just wanted to post and let you know that if you don’t hear from me as often, meaning you don’t see as many posts, I don’t release as many podcasts or videos on Youtube, it’s because I’m busy doing the following. As I make process on these projects, I will of course try and convert them into postable material. When you think of me, please remember to pray that God would give me wisdom, clarity, energy and strength as I complete these amazing tasks the Lord has put before me in His grace:

1) Writing the sermon I will be preaching in Billings, Montana on June 28th. The theme from John 15, the Vine and the Branches, will be “Three things I’ve never seen before.”

– I’ve never seen a vinedresser blame the vine for not bearing fruit

– I’ve never seen a branch produce fruit through self-effort

– I’ve never seen a branch graft itself into the vine or remove itself from the vine

2) Preparing content for the online class I will be teaching at Bethel Seminary in January 2016 “Sharing Jesus with the Cults.” Stay tuned for information on how you can register. Here’s what that prep looks like.

– Converting my “Reaching Out to Your Mormon Neighbor” seminar into book form under the title “Sharing Jesus with the Cults.” My goal is to self-publish this and make it available by the time my class starts for use as a required textbook for the class.

– Creating course content and assignments

– Diving in full throttle to the main cult groups to get myself current for the class