Last Week in the Trenches – 1/26/15


Last Week in the Trenches





Since most of the action from my posts takes place in other Facebook groups, I thought I would give a summary in form of the questions or issues that were raised from these other groups as a challenge to you. How would you have responded to these different questions? I also want to point you toward some other groups if you are interested in engaging in similar types of dialogues. I’ll be posting from one conversation at a time. By the way, feel free to engage with any of these questions.




The Original Post


“I’m a Christian Too!” part 2. If the LDS chuch is Christian, then Jesus must be our common ground. What did Jesus teach about the nature of God? This is part of a larger seminar series called “Reaching Out to Your Mormon Neighbor.”




Conversation on Mormon Grace Project


  1. Narrator claims that in John 17:3 Jesus declares there is only ONE GOD (but Jesus doesn’t include himself as God, apparently) and that his name is not Elohim, his name is unpronounceable. I missed that in verse 3. Jason, have you found that reference?
  2. Narrator claims Jesus said “God is a Spirit” Well, no, he didn’t — but I’m wondering how he (the narrator) meshes this concept he holds with the unquestioned physicality of Jesus?
  3. APPLY THE LOGIC he says. OK! God is A spirit, you say. Then Christ said a SPIRIT does not have a body of flesh and bones AS YE SEE ME HAVE! Logic says: CHRIST cannot be GOD in the narrator’s understanding.
  4. It is incorrect that many LDS have been taught that leaving would result in outer darkness. I’ve personally never heard that, and I’m willing to bet most haven’t either. On the contrary, I would think most exmos didn’t have enough truth to commit the unpardonable sin, or else they wouldn’t have left in the first place.
  5. Jason Oakes what about moral agency?