Last Week in the Trenches – 3/19/15


Last week in the trenches


I think the cartoon sitting next to this says it all about this group conversation. As you read through the comments and reactions to this post, what may actually strike out at you is the strategy taken by most atheists when you post something like this. They will immediately discredit the source, and if they do that, then they don’t have to pay attention to what was said. The other thing they do is rapidly change the subject to something they do know about, or at least think they do, and then start asking you about that. I do have to say that there is one individual in this group, and I think it will be obvious in the comments who I’m talking about, that always responds with respect and I can tell genuinely believes in his worldview. To that man, I say thank you!


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Great discussion of the fallacial evolutionist teaching that we have “junk DNA” that has been done away with over time.


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  1. Jason Oakes, can you summarize the main points here in your own words? Can you cite any peer reviewed articles published in relevant journals supporting it?
  2. Jason Oakes, can you define Evolution Theory? Can you tell me what evidence you would need to see to accept its validity?
  3. I’m curious to why you think this Charles Jackson Sermon qualifies as biology? Is he a geneticist?
  4. And what would a transitional fossil look like to you? “Evidence of a completely new species forming in front of our eyes.” Not evolution
  5. You either accept speciation or admit that you think Noah took about ten million animals on the ark. Rapid speciation is an important part of the creationist model, so not seeing “new species originating in front of our eyes” is an argument against creationism.
  6. // How about they stop lying in school textbooks and start removing things that have been proven untrue // What specific lies do you think are in textbooks?
  7. Actually Jason Oakes I would probably be the DNA expert here
  8. So you don’t think humans are in the same family as other apes?
  9. Is the Earth also secretly flat? Are vaccines mind control?
  10. No, I wouldn’t, Jason Oakes, because I presume that Jesus wouldn’t be misrepresenting science and arrogantly criticizing things he doesn’t understand.
  11. Jason Oakes, are you actually interested in transitional fossils? According to the theory of evolution, all fossils are technically “transitional”. I’ll give you an example of evolution in action, two similar experiments by the same group of people
  12. Charles Jackson is not a scientist ….creationist are funny people who think they know more about a subject than the poor PhD research scientist who has been actively working on the specific subject for many years…just ridiculous…Charles Jackson, yes you are a retard.