Last Week in the Trenches – June 2016

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Seeing as it has been a great while since I have posted one of these, I thought I should do so. Obviously a lot has happened since my last update. I am now officially an adjunct professor at Bethel Seminary San Diego teaching the “Understanding the Cults” class online for them. I am currently inthe process of putting the class content into book form. Second, I am Senior Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Roundup, Montana as of September 2015. Third, I am Outreach/Missions chair for the Big Sky Area Board here for the American Baptist Churches in Montana. Fourth, I have started several new facebook groups and/or pages. 1) BSA Outreach Missions 2) Roundup Emmanuel Baptist Church 3) Several internal groups for EBC such as EBC council, EBC Men’s Leadership Training, EBC Entrepreneurs. All of these groups are designed to ground believers in their identity in Christ and equip them in various ways to reach their friends and family for Christ. 

Amazingly, in a town of 1800 people, we have experienced 20+ baptisms over the last year. A group of local pastors got together and held an Evangelism Training Seminar in Billings. Those messages can be found here. I have recently been asked to do workshops on evangelism at our upcoming Big Sky Area Celebration to be held in Hamilton, Montana as well as our American Baptist Churches of the Northwest Leadership Tune-Up to be held in Post Falls, Idaho.

With all of this going on, I’ve been doing a lot more evangelism in connection with these various roles and not as much on the internet, which is why I haven’t been posting these updates as often. But I did want to give you links to these various things, as well as my most popular posts to date in various areas:

Youtube – LDS Plan of Salvation – 2,883 views

Podcast – Passion: Absorbing the Wrath of God – 579 downloads

Website/Facebook – The Force Awakens and the Book of Mormon – 1,105 people reached