“Like” the Son of Man? – Daniel 7:13


I want to dedicate this post to my amazing wife who asks the best and really tough questions. I admire that she really wants to get down to the real meaning of the text and not sweep things that bother her under the rug. I will also readily admit that I have had to grow over time in my maturity in answering these questions and let go of my fear of not knowing all the answers or taking too much responsibility for the understanding of others, especially my wife. For those of you who have watched, listened to, or read any of my material concerning the relationship of grace to rewards or living out the christian life, Amy is the one who initiated that study with a simple question. I am so, so, grateful for the ways I have grown in grace and my understanding of grace, as a result.

A couple of years ago, Amy was reading in the book of Daniel and came to Daniel 7:13, the Son of Man passage that Jesus so often referred to in reference to Himself. Amy noticed that every English version she could find said “like” the Son of Man. So, as she often does, she came to me and asked, “Why does Daniel 7:13 say “like” the Son of Man if this is a reference to Jesus and Jesus is the Son of Man?”

I didn’t have an answer right away. I hate when I don’t have an answer right away, but I’m learning to change my attitude about that. After so many experiences where this has happened, I’m coming to rejoice when I don’t have an answer because the Lord is about to show me something new and amazing.

To read the summary of what I found and my answer to her, click here.