Ministry Goals for 2015


Ministry Goals for 2015

Since our desire is to create and give away as many resources as possible, and to come alongside churches in highly religious areas with low funds, we will continue working on ways to increase our income and decrease our spending. I’ve gone back to school to earn a Business/Accounting degree, which can be used to assist churches, but will allow us, should the Lord lead, to accept a bi-vocational pastor position at a low income church, or just give more generously in the future. I have also earned the ACSI credential to teach Bible in Christian schools. My master of divinity degree will potentially qualify me to  teach religious studies/philosophy classes in community colleges.

Schedule at least 12 speaking engagements with churches, homeschool groups, non-profit organizations, etc…


Post all of my past sermons, writings, PowerPoints to the website, social media sites and google docs. Our goal is to provide all of our ministry materials for free so they can be accessed by all, enabling those who desire to support our ministry to be able to “freely give.”


Edit and publish a book I wrote several years ago called “The Bible from 6,000 Feet” and start transitioning other materials I have produced to written form for future books.


Research and prepare for teaching the “Sharing Jesus with the Cults” class for Bethel Seminary’s In-Ministry program during the J-term 2016.


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