Ministry Goals for 2016

Sharing Jesus with the Cults

Ministry Goals for 2016

All of these goals are above and beyond my role as Senior Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Roundup, Montana. They are also above and beyond my role as Outreach and Missions chair for the Big Sky Area Board. They are also above and beyond my usual routine of posting articles, podcasts, Youtube videos, social media, etc…

  1. I am currently finishing up my first class, “Understanding the Cults,” as Adjunct Professor for Bethel Seminary San Diego’s online In-Ministry program. They are planning on having me teach this class every January. I’m praying that Bethel would explore the possibility of another class or increasing the frequency of offering this class.

2. I began conversations with the Dr. Jackson, head of the Religious Studies and Philosophy Department at San Bernardino Community College about the possibility of future adjunct online teaching. He will be adding me to one of his Spring classes as a way of getting my feet wet to their programs and how they structure their classes. I’m praying this will lead to an online adjunct role with the college.

3. I have also begun conversations with Dr. Fowler of Yellowstone Theological Institute in Bozeman about the possibility of teaching the “Understanding the Cults” class as one of their fast paced on-campus classes during the summer.

4. I have already been approached by one pastor about having me do a seminar in Miles City, Montana on reaching out to members of the LDS church during the summer. Though I don’t believe I’ll have time with all of these other goals, I am always open to, and praying, for opportunities to teach, either online or one day live seminars, in Christian churches.

5. I plan on systematically contacting all of the Christian colleges and Universities about the possibility of adding the “Understanding the Cults” class to their online options and adding me as an Adjunct Professor.

6. I plan on putting the “Understanding the Cults” class into written form and publishing the book, either through a major publisher or through self-publishing prior to teaching the class next January for Bethel.

7. I plan on making improvements to the class material for the “Understanding the Cults” class as well as providing a wide variety of supplemental material for the class via an exhaustive bibliography, Youtube playlist, articles on and podcasts. One definite thing I would like to add is a continuation of my work in the gospels by going through the remainder of the New Testament (possibly the Old Testament as well depending on time) and relating biblical teaching to the claim of the cults to be “Christian.”

8. When my subscription to runs out this year, I plan on moving the podcast to I’m praying this move attracts more listeners who will become active on the social media pages and possibly connect me to more online seminars in churches. I’m also exploring the idea of advertising the People of the Free Gift page on facebook.

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