Second Chance – Purgatory – Losing Salvation – Bible vs Tradition – 6/4/15


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This week’s dialogue was very interesting. Ironically posted on a Mormon/Christian Facebook group, the conversation was with a couple of Catholics, one of which I believe was a priest. The conversation started on the question of a second chance after death, which lead into a discussion of whether you can lose your salvation, which lead to a discussion of purgatory, which then lead to a question of authority being in the Bible or tradition. I divided the discussions up for you so they would make more sense in context.


I was struck by how similar the arguments given as to why one could lose your salvation were to the LDS division between those who live by telestial, terrestrial and celestial law and their place in heaven being determined by that factor.


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I’m a Christian Too! podcast, part 6 – 15:25

Is there a second chance after death to receive the gospel? What did Jesus teach on the subject?

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