Online Cults Class

This “Sharing Jesus with the Cults” class is currently being taught by Pastor Jason Oakes online as part of Bethel Seminary San Diego’s In-Ministry program.

We are also available to speak to your group

  • Family and Friends
  • Small Group or Congregation
  • Junior High or High School Group
  • Homeschool Group of all age ranges

We do not charge a fee for speaking to your group. Anything that the group or individuals in the group are lead to give or any materials they would like to purchase is completely up to you.

We offer our seminars both live as well as online. The online seminars will be done through video presentation along with a question and answer time provided through skype, social media and other avenues.

To view each session, simply click on the link below. Since this class is being taught for Bethel’s J-term session, each session is based on 3 hours each session in class and 6 hours of additional time each session out of class. Any session can be broken up into several sessions to meet your groups needs.

“Sharing Jesus with the Cults”

Session 1 – Overview of 1) Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) 2) Jehovah’s Witness (JW) 3) Scientology 4) Christian Science 5) International Church of Christ (ICC)

Session 2 –  Overview of 1) 7th Day Adventist (SDA) 2) 12 Tribes

Tactic #1, part 1 – Inviting them into a conversation about the life, ministry and teachings of Jesus in the gospels

Session 3 – Overview of 1) Common Traits of Cults 2) 6 Traits of a Cult Leader 3) Mind Control and the Cults 4) Scripture Twisting and the Cults 5) Ancient Heresy, American Church History and the Cults 6) Can You Be Saved If … ?

Tactic #1, part 2

Session 4 – Tactic #1, part 3

Tactic #2, part 1 – Using their Scriptures and writings to teach them Historic Orthodox Christian Truths 1) Have You Prayed About the Book of Mormon? 2) Using the New World Translation to Teach Christian Doctrine

Tactic #3, part 1 – Communicating Grace to the Religious Mind

Session 5 – Tactic #1, part 4

Tactic #3, part 2 – 1) Stunted Grace 2) That Nobody Can Boast

Tactic #4, part 1 – Why Should We Trust the Bible?

Session 6 – Tactic #1, part 5

Tactic #4, part 2

Tactic #5, part 1 – How do you communicate the Trinity? 1) What is the Trinity? 2) Trinity in the Resurrection for JW’s

Session 7 – Tactic #1, part 6

Tactic #5, part 2 – 1) Trinity Explained for Jehovah’s Witnesses 2) The Truth about the Council of Nicea 3) Is the Trinity a Pagan Doctrine?

Tactic #6 – The “Jesus is Better” Approach Based on the book of Hebrews

How LDS View Joseph Smith