The Gospels: Takers, Savers and Givers (podcast/Youtube – 51:11)

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The Gospels: Full of Grace and Truth

Takers, Savers and Givers

Luke 10:25-37

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Prep for Next Week

  1. Begin studying Matthew 12:38-42; Luke 11:29-32 – The Sign of Jonah
  2. Next week is Easter Sunday. You will not have a better opportunity this year to invite your friends to church.

Follow-up Discussion Questions

  1. How can we confuse the “what” of our actions with the “why?” How can we place more importance on the “why?”
  2. Why was the lawyer asking the wrong question?
  3. What are your thoughts on Jesus’ answer to the direct question about how one inherits eternal life?
  4. Why is it dangerous to apply every passage to ourselves? What are some questions we should ask to avoid this?
  5. What are good attributes of both savers and givers?
  6. If we’re honest, are we a taker, saver or giver? What are some steps we can take to move toward a more healthy balance between giver, saver and spender?
  7. Are we obligated to give? Why or why not? How does giving work in God’s economy?