The Prophecies of Jesus the Messiah


The Prophecies of Jesus


  • He would be a son and kinsman of Adam, but also the Son of God.
  • His origins would be from everlasting. His family line would get narrowed from son of Adam to Seth, Noah, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Judah, Boaz, Jesse, David.
  • He would be born in Bethlehem Ephrathah
  • He would be born of a virgin, the seed of the woman
  • He would be from the line of David through Joseph being adopted by Mary’s father through the “daughters of Zelophehad” exception, and therefore avoiding the bloodline curse on the royal line through Jehoiachin.
  • A star would precede him and foretell the birth of the one born King of the Jews who was also to be a prophet, priest and king.

Palm Sunday

  • He would present Himself as Messiah the King, riding on a donkey, while crowds sing the lyrics of Psalm 118
  • He would be rejected by the religious leaders because He didn’t physically save them from their oppressors.
  • All of this would happen 173,880 days “to the day” from the decree to restore and rebuild the city of Jerusalem following the Babylonian captivity (which we can verify to the day from history, and document the timing to the day)


  • His death would be presented as a Father offering up His only Son, whom He loves
  • He would be offered as a sacrifice on the peak of Mt. Moriah, also known as Calvary, the place of the skull
  • By His death God’s wrath would pass-over us as we apply His blood, as the wrath of God is poured out on Him as a propitiation of our sins.
  • By His death, our sins are both poured out on Him and carried away by Him
  • He would be the High Priest, the sacrifice, the temple where the sacrifice was offered, and the embodiment of each piece of furniture in that temple.
  • Everybody who has been poisoned by sin that looks at this sacrifice will be healed
  • He would be innocent Himself, say nothing in His own defense, be killed for a capital crime, and die on behalf of others.
  • He would have His hands and feet pierced (spoken before crucifixion was even invented), yet none of His bones would be broken.
  • His first and last words during His death were foretold, as well as the words of those who taunted Him while He died.
  • People would cast lots for His clothes while He died.
  • He would die with criminals but be buried with the rich.


  • Messiah would be the first fruits of the resurrection on the Passover Sabbath
  • Messiah would be raised from the dead after 3 days, like Jonah and Isaac
  • Though He would die, He would prolong His days