Understanding the Cults – Session Seven

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Here’s your course material for session #7

  1. Today we’re going to continue tactic #1 and working our way through the gospels and how the life, ministry and teachings of Jesus relate to the groups we are discussing.

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To read this section, go to pages 159-161 in the book.

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2. We’re also going to continue covering tactic #5.

You can listen, watch or read this section. Section c) is not covered in the book.

This section deals with: a) Trinity Explained for Jehovah’s Witnesses podcast link (p. 236-239) b) The Truth about the Council of Nicea podcast link (p. 227-230) c) Is the Trinity a Pagan Doctrine? podcast link. Almost every one of the groups we have been discussing has an issue with the teaching on the Trinity, and almost all of them use it as a means of proving that the Christian view of God is ridiculous. While we have discussed why I don’t believe this issue should be seen as determining one’s salvation, it is a historic and biblical doctrine, and we must be able to defend it. Even more than that. Can we use the Trinity as a means of helping the individual we are talking to understand true biblical teaching and begin to question the teaching of their organization?

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3. Our final tactic #6 will deal with how to utilize another opportunity that comes up often in conversation with cult members. When cult members encounter a Christian, they don’t say, “Praise God. We should fellowship together sometime, or we should study God’s word together sometime.” They continue to try and convert the Christian by telling them about how they know more about Jesus, they have more Scripture, they have more authority, they have rituals that will get you closer to God or promise you a greater spot in heaven, etc…

We’re going to utilize this tactic of theirs to turn it around on them, and we’re going to use the book of Hebrews as our model. The author of Hebrews was dealing with Jewish people trying to put their whole trust in Jesus, the Messiah, for their salvation. At the same time they were facing persecution and alienation from their Jewish culture. Some were tempted to go back to Judaism or try to fit in with the Jewish culture. This is the same thing that those coming out of cults face, especially if they come from highly concentrated culture of that cult in their family, their circle of friends, or their community. The author of Hebrews makes the case that Jesus is better than anything you came from or could go to while at the same time reinforcing that there is nothing left in that old life for them to go back to. We’re going to take the same tactic, and show them that what we have in Jesus and who we are in Jesus is better than anything the cults can offer us. In effect, we’re employing the same tactic God took with Israel in making them jealous of the grace that was being extended to the gentiles.

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The Hebrews approach to reaching the cults

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4. To end this class, I want you to listen, watch or read a speech given by Jayson Kunzler at BYU Idaho entitled “Millions Shall Know Brother Joseph Again.” This will help you to understand how the LDS view Joseph Smith, and by extension how some of these other groups view their founder and/or current leader. My hope is that this will help you sympathize for those who are a part of these groups and increase your desire to help reach them with the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

To read this section, go to pages 254-258 in the book.

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