Understanding the Cults – Session Three


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  1. Now that we’ve taken a look at the various groups we will be discussing during this course and you’ve given me your thoughts about what is required for an individual or group to be considered Christian and what is required for a group to be considered a cult, I would like to give you some more food for thought on those two questions.

You can listen, watch or read the material for this section. However, section b) is covered differently in the audio/video than in the book. You might consider listening or watching, and then reading the section in the book for that material. Section e) is only covered via podcast and the book.

We’re going to take a look at a) Common Traits of Cults podcast link (p. 59-62) b) Christopher Nemelka – 6 Traits of a Cult Leader podcast link (p. 63-64) c) Mind Control and the Cults podcast link (p. 65-71) d) Scripture Twisting and the Cults podcast link (p. 72-79) e) Mormonism and Scripture Twisting podcast link (p. 80-84) f) Ancient Heresy, American Church History and the Cults podcast link (p. 85-89) g) Can You Be Saved If … podcast link (p. 90-93)

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2. Today we’re going to continue tactic #1 and working our way through the gospels and how the life, ministry and teachings of Jesus relate to the groups we are discussing.

To repeat, you can either continue to take the listen/watch route or the read route as they are arranged differently.

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To read this section, go to pages 107-119 in the book.

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