Understanding the Cults – Session Two

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  1. We’re going to be continuing our overview of the groups we will be covering in this course. Again, as you listen to this material, be thinking about assignments 1 & 2. Would you consider each group to be a cult, or simply teaching false doctrine? What’s the difference? What makes a group/individual Christian? What makes a group a cult?

You have the option of listening, watching or reading the content for this section of the course.

This session we cover the following groups: a) 7th Day Adventist (SDA) podcast link (p. 48-54) b) 12 Tribes podcast link (p. 55-58 in the book)

To view the sessions on Youtube, click on the media window below and view videos 7-8 corresponding to the groups mentioned above:

2) My desire is for this course to emphasize the missional aspect of dealing with the cults rather than purely an information aspect. That is why you will find that we spend just as much time grounding believers in their identity in Christ as we will spend time focusing on the specific beliefs of these groups. This is also why I focus in on the core issues and differences rather than the tangents. These core issues will be much more fruitful topics to discuss than the tangential, though admittedly interesting, topics. I have found that ministries that focus on the strange beliefs of these groups leave believers feeling more estranged from members of these groups and less likely to engage them in missional conversations. The missional tactics that I will cover in this course are based off the 7 most common conversation topics I have had with members of these groups.

In this session, we’re going to begin examining tactic #1 in dealing with members of cults. I refer to this tactic as the “I’m a Christian Too!” tactic. It’s based off 1 of the 7 conversations I find myself having over and over again with members of these groups having to do with their claim to be Christian while they deny historic Christian doctrine. In fact, most of these groups claim to be the only Christians, or the “one true church.”

Our tactic is to utilize this otherwise awkward moment to invite the individual into a conversation centered on the gospels. The reasoning behind this is because the individual has just stated that the common ground is Jesus. What better place to begin a discussion of the differences between Christianity and their beliefs, as well as the gospel, than discussion the life, ministry and teachings of Jesus.

Use these sections as an example of what I’m looking for when you complete Assignment #4.

For sections related to Tactic #1, you will have to choose between either listening/watching or reading the content because it is arranged differently. The audio/video is arranged by sections of the gospels. The book is arranged topically.

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