Witnessing to Atheists


As I’ve had a growing number of conversations with atheists lately, I thought I would break down my comments from one of those conversations to share some principles I hope will be helpful if you find yourself talking with somebody who describes themselves as “atheist.”

I want to emphasize that these are ways that the Spirit has lead me to share with atheists in the recent past. Ultimately, sharing our faith is about depending completely upon Jesus to share His faith through us. We are simply a vessel. Make sure you pray for opportunities, pray for yourself and the individual you’re talking to before, during and after the conversation, and listen closely to how He’s leading you, making sure you stay aware of your emotions and use the ability God’s given you to reign in your emotions and exercise agape love. Remember, if it weren’t for the grace of God in your life, you could be on the other end of this conversation.

Witnessing Tip #1: Explain the difference between religion and relationship.

“The move was out of religion. If you listen to what he said, he emphasized the “doing” of Islam and religion in general and Christianity being totally different in that it’s about what Jesus has “done” in forgiving our sins, paying the debt we could not pay so that we can have the life that He lived.”

Witnessing Tip #2: Point out to the atheist that they have no basis to argue for truth or morality.

“So are you the self-appointed judge of actions?”

Witnessing Tip #3: Get the atheist to explain what it is that they believe in and emphasize that they are people of faith.

“Give us your case for “humanity.” Perhaps first let’s have you explain what “humanity” is.”

“As for the claim that evolution and atheism are not religions, well that’s subjective.”

Witnessing Tip #4: Point out the fallacy of the claims that they make in reference to what Christians believe.

“Again, you say Jesus never claimed He was God in context. You completely ignored the very specific verse (Mark 14:62) and explanation he gave.”

Witnessing Tip #5: Answer questions about the biblical text.

“Your reference is from Psalms, and there the Hebrew is Bar Adam. Daniel 7’s reference to Son of Man is Bar Enash.”

“I understand that you might be quoting Jewish sources when you say these things, but you simply cannot read hardly any of the Messianic prophecies without coming to the conclusion that God is coming in the flesh, as one of us, to die in our place.”

“Even rabbis of Jesus’ day believed in two Messiahs because they saw a conflict between a suffering Messiah and a reigning Messiah. Christians see this as a first and second coming, which is exactly what Jesus taught.”

Witnessing Tip #6: Whenever it comes up, point out the reasons why we can trust the Bible

“What is your perspective on specific prophecies, hundreds of them, that we have documented historically were written, in the form we have them today, hundreds of years before Jesus was born, that describe His birth, life, ministry, death and resurrection perfectly?”

“In my opinion, that’s your naive perspective based on not actually examining it’s claims. Anybody want to explain why nobody has successfully proven the Bible false, but more often than not, those that are most determined to do so become Christians.”

Here you go to whoever else is open to hearing. http://www.accordingtothescriptures.org/…/353prophecies…

AccordingtotheScriptures.org :: 353 Prophecies Fulfilled in Jesus Christ

Witnessing Tip #7: Help the atheist see how critical they are being of the Bible in comparison to the expectations they would place on themselves.

“How do you think you would do if the person you were following did miracles you couldn’t explain, said that He was God, you believed Him to be the Messiah, but you couldn’t wrap your mind around a divine Messiah dying?”

Witnessing Tip #8: Sometimes you have to remind the atheist what’s at stake

“You say you don’t have to account for it, but you will stand account for it. Who knows how many times you’ve had the gospel preached to you, evidence given, all to hear you say before a Holy God, “not good enough.”

Witnessing Tip #9: Whenever appropriate, discuss and explain sin and the need for a Savior

“Do you really believe you’ve done nothing wrong? Really? When you die, you’re really going to ask for God to deal “justly” with you?”
“Now you’re playing scapegoat with God. You are the way He made you. You have choice. How would your parents respond, or your wife, or your friends, if you took the approach of “can’t help it. That’s just who I am?” The question isn’t over whether you take ownership over your mistakes, which are not mistakes, they’re sin. A mistake is something you didn’t intend to do. Sin you do full well knowing that it’s wrong, even wanting to do different deep down.”


“If you insist on living in the delusion that we’re all a cosmic accident and that survival of the fittest is defined by who lives the longest and has the most offspring, then sin isn’t going to make sense to you.”

Witnessing Tip #10: Share the gospel

“God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.” (2 Corinthians 5:21) It’s a matter of justice, or in your words, accountability.”

Witnessing Tip #11: Find out what they believe, and if it applies, remind them of their former belief.

“Am I hearing you correctly to claim that at one time you “knew” that there was a God, you “knew” the Bible was true, you “knew” Jesus was the Messiah and you “knew” that your sins were forgiven, and then walked away? … or are you saying that you did some religious stuff, what you thought you were supposed to do, but in truth you never “knew” any of those things? …. I’m seriously interested to know.”

“You seem to have a real hang up about the one god out of 2.5K. First of all, Hinduism alone has 330 million gods, so I don’t even know where you got that figure. I agree that we as human beings would be at a loss to figure out the truth about God. God must reveal Himself to us. There are several religions that claim He has. The question comes down to which book, if any, meets this criteria. You obviously don’t want Christianity to be true, and only you know the reasons why. But you never answered my question. What do you believe and why?”

Witnessing Tip #12: Share your testimony and assurance of the truth based on evidence

“I know that it sounds arrogant to you, but I do “know” beyond a shadow of a doubt, and its not because of feelings. It is partly related to experience, but its mostly because of truth and fact that there’s simply no other way to explain.”